“His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me…”

Dear Christ Church family,

Many have talked about this being a ‘kairos moment’ in our collective lives, and I agree.

As many know, the ancient Greeks had two words for time: ‘chronos’ and ‘kairos’. Chronos refers to sequential time…as in chronological time…the livestream starts at 10:00. Kairos is something different entirely. It’s often said to be a time of crisis and opportunity that calls for decision, conversion or action. A time when the Spirit is hovering…waiting.

Bishop Mariann reflected on her time at the Interfaith Prayer service last Sunday in this week’s Diocesan Newsletter:

“…Now is an opportunity to address long-standing wounds and fissures, and the current manifestations of our nation’s deepest sin. As Rev. Barber spoke, I felt the familiar sense of being summoned by God to show up and do my part. There are so many reasons why I feel unprepared and inadequate for this moment. But how I feel could not be more irrelevant. The summons–the call–is to show up, take my place among others, and make my offering. I can do that, and so can you.

“No matter who we are or where we come from; no matter what we know or what we have to learn; no matter what we need to take on or let go, there is a place for us now, an offering we can make to change our nation for the better.

If this is, indeed, a kairos moment, pregnant with the possibilities of God, we all want to show up. We don’t want to miss this moment.”

I know that we will show up, do what is ours to do in this time, in this kairos… movement.

blessings and love to each,


Read Bishop Mariann’s reflection entitled “Summoned to the Moment” here.