"All of the experiences that I have had as a member of this congregation have helped me become the person that I am today.

Although I am relatively new to this church, I already feel like a long-time member, because people have been very welcoming. The activities that I have participated in these past months have helped me make some of the closest friends that I have today. From youth group to the mission trip, I have learned how reliable this church can be in making me feel at home. Every Sunday the lessons we learn at youth group help me walk into the world with a better outlook on life and an awareness of others’ problems, and it’s all because of the amazing members of this congregation.

After the youth group sessions on Sunday mornings, I attend confirmation class where I learn about what it means to be a member of the Episcopal Church. Although it could have been boring, confirmation class is actually one of the highlights of the week. All four members of our confirmation class have become a close-knit family full of inside jokes and pop culture references.” 

Youth on Mission Trip
“Last summer, I also went on the mission trip to Rutland, Vermont, where I saw how hard life can be for people, and how I can help them. After the long drive back from Vermont, I was tired and sore, but the group still managed to put a smile on my face that could last for hours.

All of the experiences that I have had as a member of this congregation have helped me become the person that I am today. I always try to reciprocate the amount of effort that my friends put into placing a smile on my face. In addition, I am more aware of the injustices in the world, and I am always reminded to try to help people in need.”
-by Olivia Deelen

Love Generously Shared

“I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed I am. Christ Church Parish of Kensington (CCPK) has played a major part in receiving those blessings. God’s path brought me to CCPK more than 15 years ago as I was looking for another church. Spending a quarter of my adult life in the U.S. Army, didn’t lend itself to settling down and finding a church where I felt at home. That soon changed when I walked through those red doors to our church; I received one of the warmest greetings ever. I knew this was going to be my church! The generous outreach from the Priest, the congregation, the Vestry, every week let me know this is where I belonged. God helped me find my way.

A few years ago, caregiving for my dear mother was a struggle for me, emotionally and physically. Many days and months required measured patience in caring for her, while dealing with my own sense of guilt while trying to work full-time. CCPK had a Caregiver’s group at that time, so I started to attend along with several others in the Parish. What an awesome group of selfless, thoughtful, and compassionate women were in that group! They restored my spirits every time we met and got me through some of the most difficult times in my life. Without reservation, I can sincerely say that through God’s work and steady hands, He provided a way for me to move forward.

During the past several years we’ve all experienced changes at CCPK, but one thing has remained constant, that is the love that comes from and generously shared by the parishioners, the Vestry, the staff, Teddy, the choir, and our dear Rector Emily. Pledging and giving now is one small way for me to pay it forward, to give back, to show my deepest appreciation, to want to continue the mission of CCPK for all who walk through the red doors. God bless you all!”

-by Carol Jones

Voices Raised in Praise

“I am Suzanne Shaw and our family have been members of Christ Church for 18 years. I have sung in the choir for at least 15 of those years, so if, as the saying goes, “ she who sings, prays twice,” then I’ve done quite a bit of bending of the Lord’s ear.I’d like to bend your ear and ask if you have noticed how great our choir is sounding? We are so thrilled to have Dr. Teddy Guerrant as our leader, director and teacher. His attention to detail is incredible, whether it is every Sunday’s anthem supporting the day’s scriptures, as well as his preludes and postludes focusing on one of the morning’s hymn tunes, or working with the choir’s enunciation so the congregation can understand what we are singing. Teddy is truly a Minister with Music. 

The choir is so pleased to be learning and working and laughing with such an incredibly talented, dedicated, humble musician. We think, we hope you can hear it in our voices.The support of the congregation is what allows the music program to contribute to the spiritual enhancement of worship every Sunday.

Your pledges and contributions not only keep the lights on, but also keep the many wonderful programs here going so that we can reach out to a neighborhood, a county, even a world that sorely needs to hear voices raised in praise.”
-by Suzanne Shaw

Our Journey with Christ Church

“Our journey with Christ Church began in fall of 2007 at the newcomer’s get together in the rectory with our oldest daughter, Cecelia, in a car seat. Father Hague was leading our wonderful parish and we instantly felt at home at CCPK. Cecelia is now in 5th grade, Elizabeth is in 2nd grade and we have a number of new faces and friends at CCPK. Throughout the changes, our support for this church has never wavered. We knew that some of the changes would be hard but we are committed to participating in the growth of this parish. Kevin has served on vestry and I have helped with VBS, children’s chapel, outreach events, and coffee hours. The opportunity to build community and shape the parish are the foundation of our stewardship.

As we move into Fall and “Stewardship Season” at CCPK begins, it is a time for us to review what we have done to participate in the life of the parish and reflect on the ways we can continue to give back. Our pledge is an important part of that contribution. The vestry and the parish as a whole have worked very hard to right size our parish and manage our annual budget. Pledge contributions continue to make up the vast majority of our operating budget. This funding allows us to live out our faith both inside and outside the walls of this building. We hope that you will join us as we reflect on our participation in this wonderful community and pledge to Christ Church.”
-by Lauren and Kevin Robinson

What Christ Church Means to Us

“On this first Sunday of our stewardship campaign, I’d like to share my family’s experience of Christ Church.

While we have been members for some time, it’s only the past three or four years that we have become “regulars.” This year, however, we came to appreciate even more the importance of our church family!”
-by Shannon Finn, Co-Chair, Stewardship Committee

On this first Sunday of our stewardship campaign, I’d like to share my family’s experience of Christ Church.
While we have been members for some time, it’s only the past three or four years that we have become “regulars.” This year, however, we came to appreciate even more the importance of our church family!

Sydney required surgery in March this year, and then six weeks in a wheelchair, and rehab after. Not an easy request to ask of a nine-year-old with special needs or her family. Quietly, we were terrified, of what could happen, what might, and how we would manage. To say Christ Church rallied around us would be a dramatic understatement. Before Sydney’s surgery, Anne, Emily and Liz presented her with a backpack filled with toys, a camera, and gadgets designed to entertain! Maddie and the youth group provided tremendous support and friendship to Aiden who was dealing with all the chaos and upheaval. Emily provided a quiet office and supportive shoulder when I reached my breaking point. The entire church surrounded Duane and I with concern and affection, offers of help and prayers which were appreciated more than we can express. We experienced aspects of the church many don’t, like how to manage the elevator, after many comical attempts (hint: check the key alignment)! We also witnessed the stunning power of a prayerful community, when Sydney flew through her expected six weeks of rehab in three day
Christ Church supported us through an incredibly trying time, with friendship, prayer and love and we will be forever grateful.
-by Sydney and Aiden Finn

Supporting the Next Generation of Christ Church

“Whitney Houston sang, “I believe the children are our future/Teach them well and let them lead the way.” Well, I’m here to proudly say that it’s thanks to pledges like yours that our future, embodied by the middle and high school youth, is alive and well at CCPK. Our youth have had some amazing opportunities over the past year, including: serving the homeless with Grate Patrol, seeing and doing church in a new way with The Welcome Table at the Church of the Epiphany, making new friends at events for Episcopal youth in the Central Montgomery County region,laughing and learning in youth group each Sunday, and engaging in service with the people of Rutland, Vermont on our mission trip.”
-Youth Minister Madison Chase