As individuals living in the community we call Christ Church, we are all asked to examine our ability to give of ourselves to support the Church’s ministries. Your financial support and gifts of time and talent are important expressions of stewardship and an essential element of the health of the Church.

Stewardship and Pledging

The soundness of Christ Church’s finances and its ability to carry out its ministries depends on the members’ collective generosity at whatever level members are personally comfortable with. All gifts, great and small, are gratefully received at Christ Church.

A stewardship pledge is a commitment, made after deliberate and prayerful consideration, to contribute a specific amount of money to the Church. Pledging, even if it is only a small amount per week, enables the Vestry to make realistic budget projections for the coming calendar year and is a vital commitment to Christ Church.

Learn more about pledging.

Giving of Time and Talents

As we reflect on how and why we serve, we realize that we have been blessed – perhaps, transformed – by our experiences and God’s love. Equally as important as financial support, members’ involvement in the activities and ministries of Christ Church are critical for supporting the way we welcome newcomers, help a stranger, care for someone in need, forgive those who have offended us, care for our planet, and live lives of empathy. And, with God’s help, it multiplies our capacity to transform the wider community in which we live. You’re invited to join us in all forms of stewardship.