meet our lay leaders

Members of the Vestry


Senior Warden Kurt Ellison is technically a new member at Christ Church, but served as Parish Administrator at Christ Church for nearly 11 years – and had been attending vestry and wardens’ meetings during those years! As Parish Administrator, Kurt served on the Finance Committee, Stewardship Committee, Property Committee, Communications Committee among others.

Kurt recently made the switch to Christ Church from St. John’s, Norwood in Chevy Chase where he served as Vestry Member, Stewardship Chair, and Personnel Committee Chair. Kurt works as Director of Operations for St. John’s Episcopal Church in Georgetown, DC, and recently completed a term on Diocesan Council as an At-Large member. In his spare time Kurt enjoys visits to his family’s farm in Culpeper, Virginia, where he has stirring political conversations with his family. He also likes poking around antique shops, making dinners for his friends, and burning calories while riding his Peloton.

(Term expires February 2022.)



Currently, Lee is responsible for the Adult Formation ministries at Christ Church. He leads our Sunday afternoon Bible study, as well as co-mentoring the Education for Ministry (EfM) program at Christ Church with Mari Casey. Along with Prescott Bullard, Lee is EfM coordinator for the Diocese of Washington. He is the Central Montgomery County regional lay representative for Bishop Budde’s strategic plan and is working with the diocese to help develop a school for Christian leadership. Lee believes spiritual formation is a life-long journey and Christ Church has been an important part of his.  He is happy to serve on the vestry to focus on adult formation and discipleship. 

(Term expires February 2024.)

Rob Weston and his wife, Kacie, were married at St. Alban’s in Washington, DC, in 2002, and attended Grace Episcopal Church in Silver Spring, where their children Claire and Samuel were baptized. They attended Christ Church after moving to Kensington in 2012. They decided to join the church because the community provided a welcoming and inspirational experience for their family. Serving as an usher for a year before the pandemic was especially rewarding for Rob because the congregation’s warm smiles at the greeting always made the community service more meaningful. 
Rob taught high school students American history, politics and government in New York before moving to Washington, DC, to attend law school. His strong belief that everyone should share in the American dream compelled him to go into law and help people without financial or political advantages gain access to the legal system.
Rob has his own law firm concentrating in civil litigation and worker’ compensation. Rob tries to keep fit by hiking, biking, and running. He enjoys playing tennis, bocce and croquet with his family and friends.

(Term expires February 2024.)



(Term expires February 2023.)

EDUCATION Cynthia Winder

Cynthia (Cindy) Winder grew up in Edina, a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Formerly Presbyterian, her family became Episcopalian when her father realized the church down the street didn’t require driving! After graduation from the University of Colorado in Boulder, she moved to Washington for a summer job and has been here since.

Cindy feels serving on Christ Church’s vestry is a small way she can pay back the warmth and welcoming she has felt since her first Sunday in 2016. She was the happy recipient of a red and white CECK information card from a parishioner during the Kensington Labor Day parade. She appreciates that Christ Church enables members to give varying amounts of time, talent, and treasure depending on their life demands and obligations, but what is offered is acknowledged and appreciated. She finds Christ Church to be a very loving, nonjudgmental community in which to be grounded in religion, kindness, and spirituality.

During her productive work-related years, Cindy has been involved with communications and publications. Clear messages are important to her and the opportunity to publicize or advertise should, in her opinion, never be overlooked. She feels Christ Church can do more tooting of its own horn, more sharing of the Good News.

Cindy is involved with several aspects of our children’s ministry. She assists Ann Enkiri with Children’s Chapel along with Barbara Ferry nearly every Sunday and has worked closely with Ann to plan and staff Vacation Bible School for the past two years. She looks forward to creating some form of children’s outreach with Ann! She has two grandchildren at Grace Episcopal Day School down the street and another at Washington Episcopal School. She very much enjoys being part of children’s Christian education-especially under the guidance of Ann Enkiri.

(Term expires February 2022.)

MEMBERSHIP Sharon Bartram

Sharon Bartram has been a member of Christ Church since 2008 when she moved to Kensington.  She was drawn to Christ Church because it was the Episcopal Church within walking distance of her home.    She has previously been on the Vestry for two terms.  As a retired librarian, she enjoys volunteering in the church library.  Presently she serves on the Membership Ministry, the Budget and Finance Committee, and the Endowment Committee.  When it is open, she enjoys serving as a docent at the Washington National Cathedral. 

(Term expires February 2024.)

OUTREACH Peter Gergen

 Peter and his family are long time members of Christ Church. Both his daughters participated in the J2A youth program. Peter has previously served on the Vestry, many years ago when the Church was building the education wing, and has served as a youth group leader as part of the J2A program.

Currently, he is a member of the Outreach Committee and strongly believes in its mission to expand Christ Church’s role in helping the community. It was Peter’s pleasure to be a member of the Vision Group which identified, with input from the parish, four areas Christ Church can move forward in to better serve our congregation and community. He is a Pediatrician by training and works at the National Institutes of Health.

(Term expires February 2023.)

PARISH LIFE Kate Duchelle

I am honored to have been asked to take on the position of Parish Life on the Vestry.  

I retired a few years ago, and have found more opportunities to expand my love of gardening.  I volunteer at Brookside Gardens and meet friends regularly to walk there and in other local parks and trails.  I also occasionally do a little weeding, bulb planting and stealth gardening around the grounds of the church.

I, along with my husband, Doug Smith have been members of Christ Church since 1992.    We were looking for a place to be married and found our spiritual home. What drew us to the church then has continued to inspire us.   Then,  and still, we’ve been blessed to find compassionate clergy, thought-provoking sermons, the deep and beautiful traditions of the Episcopal church, outstanding music and perhaps, most importantly, a welcoming community.  Since then, we’ve been married in the church, had our daughter, Nora, baptized here.   During these many years I’ve taken on many roles, the first of which was joining the Flower Guild, which I am still participating with, even during this pandemic.  I’ve been a Sunday School Teacher, a chaperone on youth mission trips, a Coffee Hour host, a member of the Outreach and Stewardship Committies,  a supporter of the Green Team, and have participated in many other big and small activities, from Christmas Pageants to Pot-luck suppers.    During the pandemic, I’ve found solace in bringing Blessing Bags to neighbors, and chatting with many just to keep in touch. While I appreciate participating in Zoom services, and enjoy seeing fellow parishioners on the computer screen, I look forward to the day when we will meet again in person, after services to share coffee and fellowship.  I can’t wait for that day. 

(Term expires February 2024.)


My family and I have been members of The Christ Church community since 1986. My husband Randy and I have both served on the Vestry at different times in our membership at CCPK. Randy was treasurer a very long time ago, and I served as Parish Life for 3 years. Our son, Walker was active in the church youth group and with my husband served as a usher.

The Christ Church community and its members have always been a second family to us and the strong community of devotion has kept us returning, willing to serve as needed.

In recent years I joined the Altar ministry as well as the altar guild. More recently I volunteered as an assistant Verger. We do our best to attend the Vergers Guild conferences each year and remain active members in the Verger’s Society. I try to be active in many ministries, including Pastoral Care, Parish life and the women’s sewing group. All of which have been a joy to be part of.

I have spent 30 years as a registered nurse and have enjoyed many aspects of nursing.
Only recently at the end of 2020 I made a move to retirement. I am looking forward to have more time to devote to my family, church and my hobbies. I am an avid knitter, gardener and enjoy many hand crafts. In the summer of 2020 when vacation bible school needed to be online, I throughly enjoyed teaching a class by video.

It is a great privilege to be asked to serve on the Vestry again under Pastoral Care which has become very dear to my heart. During the pandemice I have done my best to keep in touch with many of our distant members who I am sure miss our visits and the gift of communion, and I look forward to continuing to enjoy the fellowship and love that we share in this community.

(Term ends February 2024.)


Bob Quinn has been happily married for almost 35 years to Liz Quinn, with two grown sons, Sean, married to another Liz, and Thomas, and one grandson, Porter He has been a member of Christ Church for over 34 years.

During his time with Christ Church, Bob has been on the vestry twice before, with stints as stewardship chair, junior and senior warden. In addition, he has been acting house captain for Christ Church’s participation with Rebuilding Together Montgomery County for over 20 years.

After several years of sabbatical from the Vestry, Bob felt a calling to return and help make an difference to his parish home and keep our property in good stead, for generations to come.

(Term expires February 2022.)


 Ray has been a member of Christ Church Parish since 1985. He and his wife Emily have two adult children who grew up in the parish.

Over the years he has been active in many aspects of church life. He previously served on Vestries in various roles; has worked in our Christian education program including teaching Sunday school and serving as an adult youth group; serves regularly as a Chalicist; serves as a delegate to Diocesan Convention; has chaired our Endowment Committee; and helps out with Altar Guild.


Ray is also engaged in a number of civic activities. He has served on the Board of Governors of Grace Episcopal Day School, the Board of Directors of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Directors of the Greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce, and as Chair the County Executive’s Arts and Entertainment Advisory Committee. During the early 2000s, he was deeply involved the public/private partnership to revitalize downtown Silver Spring, and lead the effort that resulted in the renovation and rehabilitation of the historic Silver Theatre.

 He is employed by the American Film Institute where Ray serves as Director of the AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center.

 Ray comes with an open mind, and looks forward to helping our parish thrive.

(Term expires February 2023.)


Ann has been a member of Christ Church Parish since 1987, when her family moved into Maryland. A life-long Episcopalian, Ann was particularly interested at the time in finding a good choir to join, and CCPK offered that. Subsequently, she served a term on the Vestry and organized and chaperoned the junior high/high school youth group during the 1990s.

Ann’s particular interest in supporting the Vestry on the Worship committee is driven by her long participation in choir and worship services at Christ Church and she welcomes the opportunity to contribute to this necessary component of our church life.

Ann retired from the National Institutes of Health in 2019 and last year, giving her time to devote to the Vestry and its work.

(Term expires February 2023.)

TREASURER Bonnie Douglas

Parish Treasurer Bonnie Douglas retired after over forty satisfying years at NIH. With a background in mathematics, computer science and management analysis, being on the Budget and Finance Committee and Treasurer at Christ Church are enjoyable for her, satisfying her continuing need for puzzles, numbers, and things to analyze.

In her spare time she sees friends, reads (mostly history and mystery), travels, putters in the home and garden, does crossword puzzles and Sudoku, and plays and walks with her dog. She is particularly pleased that, as we progress through this time of transition, we are in a healthy financial condition.


Clerk of the Vestry Peter Bartram has been a member of Christ Church since 2008. A registered Professional Engineer, he is Professor Emeritus, Norwich University.

At Christ Church, he serves on the Communications Committee, and has previously served as webmaster, and on the Outreach Committee. He was a member of the Rector Search Team and served several years as Diocesan Convention Delegate.

In his retirement, he enjoys traveling, shop work, reading, and vintage toy trains and construction toys.

Diocesan Convention Delegates


Ray Barry and Emily have been members of Christ Church Parish since 1985. Over the years he has been active in many aspects of church life. He has served on the Vestry; served as a Diocesan Delegate; and has worked in our Christian education program including serving as an adult leader of the J2A group that traveled to Poland on pilgrimage. He serves regularly as a Chalicist.

(Term expires February 2019)


Phil Padgett has been a member of Christ Church since 2001. He served on the Rector Search Team. Previously he served on the Vestry where he led the Outreach Committee. Phil was one of the organizers and leaders of our mission to New Orleans to assist in housing recovery following Hurricane Katrina. Phil is a retired national security analyst and Navy veteran who received his Bachelor and Master degrees from University of Maryland University College. His first book, Advocating Overlord, was published in May 2018.

(Term expires February 2021.)